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" We must view younger people not as empty bottles to be filled, but as candles to be lit."

Professor Joel Learner Our thought for the day, 1995

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Elementary School

3rd – 5th grades Navigation Package
Primary Academic Advisement
  • Interview student
  • Complete a Personal/Social Assessment
  • Develop Background Knowledgebase: Perform a thorough background review of  academic, standardized exam,  effort, & behavior scores, marks, percentages, & indicators, term by term and annually, if available
  • Identify & assess the relativity & applicability of various methods of assessment
  • Transcript Assessment: Analyze student’s current and future course offerings, placements, and tracking inclinations Promote advanced, accelerated Math, Science, & Language courses
  • Assess objective goal setting, study & test-taking methods and overall skill development
  • Develop a 5-year plan
  • Recommend strategic academic testing and placement into merit-demonstrated programs
  • Recommend extra-curriculum assessment for balanced, personally fulfilled students
  • Monitor student term by term and annually
  • Recommend academically & socially developmental after-school and/or summer programs
  • Provide support to students & parents